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Napkin holder for cafes and restaurants

What is the best cafe napkin holder? Unlike table plates, the napkin holder does not undergo a heavy load — it is not washed 10 times a day, and therefore any ceramic napkin holder decorated in the theme of the restaurant is quite suitable for a restaurant. If you still need a white porcelain napkin holder, then we recommend the following article A 03666, article A 10107, they are relatively inexpensive and are combined with porcelain.

Crystal napkin holder, metal napkin holder
Let your table have a beautiful napkin holder (porcelain, glass, colored glass), a ceramic napkin holder, a metal napkin holder, or a crystal napkin holder — the keeper of culture your table. Buy it from us of your choice.

Napkin holder is a holder of napkins.
Did you know that a napkin holder is a serving item that bears the name «Savior» at its root. The napkin saves the clothes and the table from greasy stains and for this each person at the table almost kisses it. Who kisses, and who wipes his lips on her. Think about it and you will understand who is which of these people. Isn’t the fate of some goods, for example, napkins somewhat reminiscent of a girl’s? The life of the paper napkin after this «kiss» is over. Someone will crumple it and throw it under the table, while another will roll a paper flower out of it. And then it will be removed from the table along with the leftover food. And even the packaging will not remain from her.

But the dumb spectator remains on the table — this is a napkin holder. Whatever it is — a ceramic napkin or porcelain — it will remember your culture and attitude to the world. Therefore, the main origin of the word Napkin holder comes from the Italian word «to protect, save». It turns out that if the napkin is the savior, then the napkin holder is the keeper of culture on the table. Therefore, among all the goods, the napkin holder is also the mute keeper of the drinking culture.

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